Hi! I'm Gina.

Thank you for visiting my blog, which was created in an effort to share my passion for travel and photography.

Maybe it’s innate, or something that has developed over the years, but for as long as I can remember, travel has felt embedded in me. Always chasing a great story, and an equally great photo to illustrate, I have found my happy place on the road (or perhaps, more accurately, in the air). 

Traveling has created more opportunities for clarity and personal growth than anything else in my life. It has introduced me to great people who have become great friends. It has shown and reminded me of the good in the world, and it has encouraged me to take risks and step beyond my comfort zone. Through my narratives and visuals, I am motivated to keep going, keep exploring, and to keep pushing boundaries. It is my hope that by sharing these bits and pieces of my journeys, others will be inspired to embark on their own adventures.