La Pescheria - Catania's Fish Market

Every weekday morning, nestled behind Piazza Duomo, is La Pescheria, Catania's bustling fish market. Vendors yell to each other while gutting their morning catch. Swordfish heads are planted across the tables while fishmongers pose for pictures with their most photogenic sea creatures. It's lively, and overwhelming- your senses won't know what hit 'em. Basically, it's everything that a fish market in Sicily should be.

La Pescheria is as thrilling as it is old. It's hosted buyers and sellers since the 19th century. The perimeter of the market is met with tall baroque buildings, as it weaves through a corner of the city. It runs through a tunnel circa the 16th century, then back out around the corner and down the street until the seafood is replaced with produce, meats, and cheeses.

A utilitarian spectacle, it's a loud, exciting, and confusing adventure. At the very least, it's shopping trip for some of the greatest seafood in Italy.


Mornings in Catania's famous Fish Market - La Pescheria
Fish mongers and their catches of the day at La Pescheria in Catania, Italy
Locals watch the spectacle that is Catania's fish market
Vendors preparing their fish at La Pescheria, Catania, Sicily
Sardines - a must try at La Pescheria, and a staple ingredient in Sicilian cuisine
An assortment of seafood at La Pescheria