About Gina Spinelli Photography

There's a lot of love in the tiny, in-between moments of our every day, and they shouldn't be lost with time.

As your photographer, I work to freeze the raw, unfiltered, honest, and unpredictable moments of your lives so they can live on and tell your beautiful story. Whether you're interested in wedding, engagement, or maternity photographs, or if you'd simply like a visual record of a lazy day at home with your family, I've got you covered. 

What you can expect: Minimal directing, documentation into your real life with your loves, simply living and loving. 

Fun fact: I'm always up for an adventure (see below). I'm available for shoots near and far...Speaking of adventure, I love the idea of capturing your family on the go - maybe at the park, the beach, on a hike, you name it!

Hi, I'm Gina

and i'm so excited to connect with you! for the time being, here is a quick look into some of the things that make me 'me'.

Obsessed with my husband (and our cats, Almond and Pepper)
Looking for cheap flights/dreaming about travel (check out my travel blog!)
Have my camera within arm's reach
Waiting to eat next
Listening to/on the lookout for new music and podcasts (let's compare notes?)

Daydreaming (usually)
Diving head first into wellness trends
Visiting family & friends in Maine

Not wanting to pet the dog that's walking by
Will say no to an adventure
Not smiling (very rarely)